Eli & Ali

I cannot praise Antonella highly enough.  My now husband and I were planning our Italian wedding from London.  Initially we had the help of my mother, but when she became ill we realised we needed the help of a planner.  My mum had found her contact details on line and I was instantly interested in speaking to her because she can speak English as well as her native Italian.  When I spoke to her, I realised that not only was she incredibly competent, she understood my vision of how we wanted our wedding to look and feel. She was a huge help throughout the whole process, from chasing suppliers, arranging paperwork, planning weekend itinerary’s.  She also allowed direct payments (so we could make the most form the sterling to pound exchange rate) always backing it up with a paperwork invoice trail.

Antonella was on-hand even on the weekend’s when we visited Italy for planning and would make sure caterers, photographers etc were all ready to meet us.  We emailed daily and when things got stressful, I knew I could relax a little as I had her help in Italy.

On our wedding weekend she was at the Villa the whole day before setting up and on the wedding day itself she ensured everything ran smoothly.

My husband and I had the BEST wedding and we owe a lot of that to Antonella’s help and organisational skills.  She is a wonderful woman and was a great help.  We can’t recommend her highly enough!

Lisa & Jacopo

This was our biggest day and a big thank you is not enough to this fantastic working group, we were looked after and advised in the best possible way. The quality and quantity of food offered to our banquet met everyone and there is no greater satisfaction than in having a general appreciation of the guests. Undoubtedly it is one of the days that remain indelible in our hearts and that we owe it to those who helped make it so. Thank you so much, it was really a pleasure to have you as a supplier! L&J