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Your wedding

in villa

There is no doubt that Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world!

Beautiful landscapes and elegant villas are the perfect locations for an unforgettable wedding.

Venetian Villas are synonymous of beauty: romantic gardens, atmosphere steeped in history and tradition, frescoed villas, delicious food and good wine are waiting only to be discovered by you.

Whether a luxury, country style or simple and elegant ceremony, we will find the right location to satisfy your desires. If your dream is to get married in Italy, then we’ll take care of everything, offering you a perfect event made in Italy.

Think to a wonderful destination wedding like in Venice, in Padua, in Vicenza or in Verona. With our experience and our networking you are sure to make your dream come true!

Your Wedding in villa – your wedding around Venice.

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Romantic wedding in Venetian Castle

Romantic Destination Wedding in Italy – real wedding of M&B M & B had rented an ancient castle immersed in the green of the Euganean Hills and surrounded by vineyards for their intimate wedding in the Italian countryside. Their desire was to be able to...

Rachel & Kristian – real wedding

Rachel & Kristian Real Wedding Destination Wedding Italy We met Rachel and Kristian last summer, a young and sparkling couple, she always smiling, he madly in love with his smile, and we liked them immediately! Their story is special, romantic, courageous and made...

Wedding Trend – The Baroque Wedding

    Wedding Trend 2019: The Baroque Wedding Italy The trend for weddings 2019 is definitely the Baroque Wedding perfect for a destination wedding in Italy. This is a style that is very different from the greenery we have seen so far.  We personally are very...

Wedding in Italy


Villa Foscarini Rossi

villa Foscarini Rossi The fans of Brenta Riviera have as first wonderful reference VILLA FOSCARINI ROSSI, the first villa of the Riviera leaving from Padua. Villa Foscarini Rossi is an architectural building, that date back to XVI century and includes the Manor house,...

Villa Petrobelli

villa Petrobelli Surrounded by a beautiful and romantic flower garden, Villa Petrobelli is the ideal location to celebrate in a very intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. The villa was built at the end of the seventeenth century and its architecture is constituted by...

Villa Vescovi

villa Vescovi Surrounded by the Euganean Hills, Villa Vescovi is a unique venue, the ideal place for an elegant wedding, with a charming view. Villa Vescovi is a wonderful Venetian Villa from the early sixteenth Century inspired by antiquity, is a fine experiment of...

Wedding in Italy


Wedding in Veneto – the new destinations

Wedding in Veneto – the new destinations One of the best things about organizing a destination wedding in Veneto is that both the spouses and their guests can enjoy a holiday in a new and fascinating setting. In the days before or after the wedding in fact you...

Visit Veneto – Arquà Petrarca

Arquà Petrarca is a medieval village in the Euganean Hills and it’s considered the 2nd most beautiful village in Italy. It’s mostly known because Francesco Petrarca spent the last years of his life here and in 1868 the name of “Arquà” was changed in “Arquà Petrarca”....


Telling Venice is one of the hardest things. Venice you can’t tell, you can only live, enjoy, breath. Venice is truly unique in the world, its historical and cultural wonders are famous all over the globe and despite this it never ceases to amaze. That you visit for...