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Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue fiodag_3663

F&D are a wonderful couple that living in Hong Kong. They felt in love in Venice during one of their travels and they got engaged in Venice. They decided to come back in Italy for their wedding, because it is a wonderful country for a wedding and because their promise was made here. They wanted to find a nice venue, with vineyard and beautiful view.

So they decide to spend a holiday in Veneto looking for a nice venue for their wedding. Actually in the Venetian area there are so many villas, that they did not know which one to choose. F&D came in touch with us and we started to plan with them their wedding, looking for the perfect venue first. We know this area very well because we have been working here since a long time planning events and weddings so it was easy for us, after a nice meeting with them in front of a glass of Prosecco in Padua, to find the perfect solution for them.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue fiodag_4220

They had to go back to their jobs so the simplest solution has been to give us the responsibility to realize their dream. We were in touch thorugh Skype, and we went on with the organization of all the details and moments of the special day. This is our job, make things easier for our spouses and let them having only the fun part of the organization.

They choose as venue Villa dei Vescovi, one of the most beautiful vineyard wedding venue in Italy and one of the most famous Venetian Villa.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue preparation

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue preparation1
The adjacent church is also available for religious ceremony, that was one of the reasons of their choice. Usually we do have a cerimony at the villa but of course if the spouses want to have a religious one we need to have it in a Church.
Sometime the church is far from the venue and we have to transfer all the guests from a location to the other, while here we have a really small and beautiful walking of three minutes.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue church fiodag_1351

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue church
We have supported them in the documents preparation and even if the two Curies are connected in any case our presence was necessary to hold the contacts between bridal and groom and Parrish priest.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue villa

Month after month this wedding took form and the result was a very simple but elegant wedding at the same time.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue fiodag_1330

For the guest we selected different solutions as accommodation, so each one could choose what they preferred. There was a nice web site with all the solutions (five star hotel, Airbnb, bed and breakfast in countryard and facing vineyards…)
We organized a multiple transfer service from the different locations to the Villa dei Vescovi. This service was much appreciated from all the guests.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue villa vescovi

The menu was very Italian, with a big appetizers buffet, a dinner served at the table lighted with candles and then the party was a lot of fun. The catering service has been really appreciated and the wines were available all the time with no restrictions…

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue food

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue villa dei vescovi

We have received a lot of compliments from the guests, you can find them here, especially we have been very proud of one, from the bride’s parents:
… As parents of the bride we thought the wedding just perfect! A beautiful venue and the organisation could not have been better. We appreciated the proximity of the church and being able to walk to the reception ( not too much standing around for photos outside the church). Then the welcome drinks and opportunity to talk to guests and unwind before the meal by which time it was cooler! The menu and organisation of the food was excellent as was the setting of tables etc. We were thanked by so many people with the view that it was the best wedding ever! The tidying up afterwards was also to be commended.
Thank you so much for all that you did to make it such a successful and memorable occasion.

So if you are worried about all the work to take care of your guests, please contact us.
We will help you finding a solution for you and all your guests.

From the first moment selecting the right villa to the accommodation of your guests, from the choosing of all the partners and suppliers for everything that is needed (flowers, decorations, music, photographers, videomakers, and much more…) we are at your side.

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue spouses

Real wedding in Italy vineyard wedding venue fiodag_4269

Contact me to have all the information you need to start with the planning of your wedding in Italy, writing to

Cheers to your wedding!

Antonella & Cecilia

Event planning: Your Wedding in Villa – Antonella Friso
Venue: Villa Vescovi
Catering: La Mandolina Catering
Photographer: Enrico Celotto
Video Maker: Jenny Art Video
Flowers: Donnedifiori
Make up and Hair: Sonia Tomsic
Lights and music service: Rava Service