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The cerimony arrangement

The ceremony is definitely the most exciting and important moment of a wedding. It’s THE moment when you become really husband and wife. Whether you decide for a religious ceremony in a church or a civil ceremony, in any case it must have its own set up. When...

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Real Wedding at Villa Petrobelli

Enrico & Serena – a wedding tale There are places to which we are deeply attached and Villa Petrobelli is definitely one of these. Its rustic and elegant at the same time, its well-kept garden, fresh and full of colors during the spring and summer are ideal to...

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The perfect venue set up in 6 points

The venue set up is one of the most important aspects of a wedding reception and it deserves a lot of attention. It should reflect the personality of the spouses and there is no one similar to another… Before you start it is important to have some information:...

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The web site for your wedding

In the last years a new wedding media is coming more and more to the attention of the spouses and their guests. It is now very easy to have a web site dedicated to your wedding. This new communication form is very useful for international weddings, because you can...

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Wedding invitations

It is time to choose your wedding stationary.  In the market you can find hundreds of proposals and you have to decide which one is the right style for your wedding in Italy. Once again you should reflect on how you both are. If you are a classic couple your ideal...

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How to choose your wedding theme

A lot of people are speaking about wedding theme. What does it mean? A wedding ceremony is a full day celebration, that develops in different ambient: the church or the town hall, the venue with the garden and its special salon. The wedding theme creates a fil-rouge...

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Visiting wedding venues

Now that you have done the first steps without moving it’s time to come and see for yourself all the different venues you have selected for your wedding. They seem all wonderful and you are looking forward to see them. Landing in Venice airport, you are still...

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How to choose the right venue for your wedding

Once you have decided the number of the guests, now you have to choose the venue for your wedding. Before starting visiting venues and venues for a lot of days you should consider these aspects for each one: Does it have enough place for my guest? It has nonsense to...

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Help! I have to complete the guests list

Whether you celebrate your wedding at home or abroad the guest list is always an important stone of the whole organization and it should be done as first think. Once you are in a running, you should consider your character, the etiquette rules, being good to hold good...

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