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Colli Euganei

Exploring Veneto: Colli Euganei

Natural oasis in the heart of the Veneto, the Colli Euganei offer landscapes and environments ideal for those who love nature. Among woods, vineyards and olive groves is enclosed an extraordinary monumental heritage which includes villas, castles, abbeys and historic towns.

At the base of the Colli Euganei there are also the famous thermal bath of Abano Terme, Montegrotto and Galzignano.
The Colli Euganei territory, with its 3000 years of history told through archaeological sites, museums and monuments, it is an ideal destination for lovers of art and culture. You will find Este cradle of the Paleoveneta civilization, the pretty medieval village Arquà Petrarca and Monselice a very scenic walled city, that are among the most important historical centers. Unforgetteble are the wonderful Venetian villas, such as Villa Vescovi in Torreglia, Villa Emo Capodilista and Lispida Castle, the picturesque monasteries of Praglia and Rua, where time seems to stand to offer visitors moments of profound spiritual peace.

The Euganean Hills are a mountainous area made up of about a hundred hills whose height never exceeds 600 meters. The peculiar geological history has made possible the formation of an extraordinary biodiversity of flora and fauna, which since 1989 has decided to preserve by setting up the first regional park of Veneto. In addition to having an environmental protection function, the park focuses on the tourist exploitation of natural resources.

A dense network of footpaths and hiking trails enables you to explore the area in a sustainable way: on foot, by bicycle or on horseback you can discover the most beautiful corners of the Colli Euganei into the nature and practicing their favorite sport.
The Colli Euganei are the ideal destination for a holiday in touch with nature, the gentle sport, relaxation and the discovery of a healthy and varied cuisine, unique wine and food products derived from countless ingredients that here the earth provides generous.

Padua, a splendid city, is the closest city, and we are certain that you would appreciate the beauty of its arcades and squares, but of this we will speak in more details in another post.

The Colli Euganei are the perfect place to get married, surrounded by nature, culture and elegance. A wedding in a Venetian villa, overlooking the vineyards, full of good food and fine wine, will make your special day truly unforgettable. Being just a few kilometers from Venice allow you to immerse yourself in beautiful landscapes and enjoy the artistic heritage that Veneto offers, visiting with your guests its most famous city in the days before or after the wedding.

The Euganean Hills offer genuine cuisine from the traditions of the local cuisine that can be enjoyed thanks to our increasingly rich menu of local and genuine products.

The favorable climate and the particular morphology of the vineyards has given birth to many fine wines. Cellars and farmhouses will accompany you in their tasting which will allow you to keep alive the memory of these wonderful lands.