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Visit Veneto – Arquà Petrarca

Arquà Petrarca is a medieval village in the Euganean Hills and it’s considered the 2nd most beautiful village in Italy. It’s mostly known because Francesco Petrarca spent the last years of his life here and in 1868 the name of “Arquà” was changed in “Arquà Petrarca”....


Telling Venice is one of the hardest things. Venice you can’t tell, you can only live, enjoy, breath. Venice is truly unique in the world, its historical and cultural wonders are famous all over the globe and despite this it never ceases to amaze. That you visit for...


Exploring Veneto: Padova Padua Padua is a city with many and many souls. Its proximity to Venice makes it an ideal place for a holiday full of art and culture, delicious cuisine and why not shopping! Today we would like to present it to you in general, but we will...

Colli Euganei

Exploring Veneto: Colli Euganei Natural oasis in the heart of the Veneto, the Colli Euganei offer landscapes and environments ideal for those who love nature. Among woods, vineyards and olive groves is enclosed an extraordinary monumental heritage which includes...