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How it works
The ceremony planning of Your Wedding in Villa is simple done. When do you contact us, you should give us the following information regarding the ceremony: date, number of the guests, budget and your idea for the wedding (favourite colours or theme, your passion, your dream about your wedding). We will find at least one solution for you. We will submit you an offer by mail and we can start with the planning of your ceremony.

How much does it cost?
The reality is, if you have a good budget we can organize something magnificent, but if it is not your case, we can suggest you any solutions that save pocket and ceremony. We always ask to have an idea on your budget, because with this information, we can give you our proposal. We have so many possibilities, that we find a solution for everyone. Please remind that “you cannot have champagne if your budget is for a beer”
We will follow you very professional in any case and we will use our knowledge to create the best possible wedding.

Don’t worry we can support you with the whole bureaucracy for the necessary documents to get married in the official way. Please let us know, if you decide to get married with a civil ceremony or with a religious one. In this case please specify also with is your cult.

We organize weddings and anniversaries in ancient Venetian Villas or in old Palaces in the centre or around Venice. We suggest you the perfect location for your celebration and we design a ceremony on your desires and preferences. There is no standard wedding, only Your wedding!

May I choose a different supplier?
If you have already found your photographer or your location, there is no problem. We work together with known and unknown professionals of our Customers. We will suggest you our co-workers but there are no obligation from our side.

How long does it take to organize my Wedding in Villa?
One week before or one year before it’s up to you. It depends on what do you expect from your party. From April until October we consider this period as high season. Location are often already booked and best professionals are already busy with their work. But if you are a small group, you need only a symbolic ceremony we are able to organize everything in few days.
Remind the old proverb “First come, first served”
A good period can be eight months before. We have the time to select the location, you can come in Italy to visit it personally and decide which one is better for you. We can check the necessary documents with the Embassies or Italian Authorities. During this visit you can have also the menu test. Practically each detail can be chosen with calm and selected on your preferences.

How should I pay?
Once we have undersigned a contract we will ask you to pay a first payment of 25% with a bank transfer. Later you will send other payments until the week before the ceremony, when you will send the balance.

How can I select the venue?
When you ask us to plan your wedding in villa, you should give us the following information: date, number of guests, budget and theme of the party (if you have one). On these data we will select a couple of locations for you and we will send you pictures and information.
You can decide to come to Italy to visit them personally and decide which one is better for you. On contrary we will decide together and we suggest you the better solution for you and your guests by mail or phone.

Who will grant me the service?
Both of us, Antonella of and Ilaria and Olivia of La Mandolina Catering, are professionals working from a lot of years in our territory. Please give a look to our web-sites as well.

Furthermore we can give you any names of couples for which we organized their weddings. If you have the possibility to come to Italy at least once, we meet together and we go together to visit the location, you will come in our headquarters to taste the menu and to discuss about the different details.
Then we stay constantly in contact by mail, phone, skype, facebook, whatsapp, etc You can choose the preferred channel of communication.

How can I choose the menu?
At the beginning you should tell us what are your food preferences, specifying if between your guests, there are any allergies or gluten intolerances or something on how we have to pay attention.
On this information we will propose you a couple of menus, that during your visit you can taste
We are able to prepare menus for each exigence. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, old traditional receipts or nouvelle cuisine plates it is up to you. Olivia is our chef, who never disappointed a customer.

Any other questions? Please contact us and ask. We will be glad to answer you.