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Flowers & Setup

FLOWER arrangement

We’ll make your big day magical with flowers, perfect lighting, candles, and customised decorations to engage and captivate your guests. We’ll create a harmonious ambiance with the perfect balance of light and colour to surprise and excite.
Our flower designer will create for you also the bouquet according to your gown and your style.

Something about the bouquet

The bouquet dates back to ancient times, as it was a symbol of fertility and purity in the past. Over the years customs have changed and the bouquet has evolved from the classic orange flowers to a wide variety of personalised arrangements.
Did you know that according to tradition, the bouquet was the last gift the bride received from her boyfriend before the two became husband and wife? So in the past the groom was the one to pick out the bouquet. Of course this is no longer common practice.


Our team will follow all the necessary steps in order to create a fantastic banquet in a green or lighting a dark park. Nothing stops us in looking for the right solution to your requests.