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The organisation of a wedding ceremony  is not a simple matter. Our help will grant you to live easily your bridal feast.  We manage for you the necessary documents and permissions both for civil or religious ceremonies. 

Religious Ceremony

Roman Catholic religious ceremonies are recognised under Italian law as legally binding, and consequently by any countries recognised by the Italian government.
There is no need for any additional ceremony or paperwork. Please note that Catholic ceremonies are allowed when at least one of the spouses is Catholic.

Civil Ceremony

According to Italian law, civil ceremonies must take place on local council soil and are conducted by a Council officer, the equivalent of the Registrar but some of our Venetian villas have the permission to celebrate officially inside.

Symbolic Ceremony

We organize symbolic ceremonies everywhere you want and we provide the Registrar in your mother tongue.  Symbolic ceremonies have no official value and you have to arrange your legal paperwork at home before travelling.

Same-sex marriage

Today we are happy to be able to officialise your real wedding in Italy. Please do not hesitate to ask us to help you in managing the necessary documents.

La legge non prevede la possibilità per le persone dello stesso sesso di unirsi in matrimonio, ma attribuisce ad un diverso atto (la registrazione) un significato comunque rilevante: quello di riconoscere la coppia registrata come una formazione sociale alla quale assicurare la tutela giuridica prevista dalla Costituzione [2], e così garantire pari dignità giuridica rispetto a quella unita in matrimonio. – See more at:

Renewal of Vows

For your anniversary a romantic way to underline this important goal is to renew the vows in a church or with a symbolic ceremony in a Venetian villa.

Each ceremony is completely tailored because we are able to create any kind of atmosphere.