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Eli & Ali at Villa il Palazzon

It was the dawn of a beautiful summer day when the alarm clock rang, the big day was arrived!
It was Eli & Ali’s wedding, a very nice couple from London.
Everything was ready to be set up, every detail has been carefully checked and rechecked with all the staff.

We arrived at the Villa Il Palazzon in Montegalda at 8.30, catering La Mandolina was arranging the tables for dinner and the florist was already there with a pickup truck full of flower arrangements.

First we prepare the ceremony in the hall on the first floor, the chairs and the table, the old lace tablecloth and placeholders for the relatives. So many details to emphasize the most important and symbolic moment!

The buffet after the ceremony was held in the garden, lunch placé under the barn, the wedding cake back in the garden and a lot of Prosecco and fine Italian wine accompanied the guests throughout the day.

In the barn, we used backsplashes old style to conform to the style of the villa and decorated with white flowers and coral as required by Elena. Silver cutlery and white plates, glasses and a hint of tradition.

The wooden spoon as a gift to the ladies and a Limoncello as a gift to men as a placeholder were set up.

Everything was ready. And now it was their turn.
The spouses and their guests got dressed and prepared  in the hotel that we had searched for them with the spa near Padua. What an emotion!

Alastair arrives, a bit nervous, as he should be! Then a bit at a time the guests arrive and finally the bride, with a white vintage car perfect for the occasion.

The live music of a fantastic group has been the soundtrack to the day. The sounds of the day you can hear them even in the video clips of this marriage.

The menu was in Italian style, with simple and refined dishes at the same time, all of high quality and freshness. Many appetizers buffet to suit all tastes, dishes based on fish, meat and vegetarian, finger food and local products which were greatly appreciated. Lunch was served at the table and provides a risotto, ravioli of fresh pasta, veal fillet and vegetable side dishes. The waiters’ service was impeccable and this is an element we hold dear.

The greatest satisfaction of our beautiful work is to see everyone happy but especially the bride and groom, and Eli&Ali had fun and enjoyed their day to the end.
All was beautiful, simple, natural and elegant. As we like to do.

Elena at the end was happy like a child in front of the fireworks that she desired so bad.

The great day has ended and everyone was excited about it.
A wedding in Italy is special, in a romantic and sophisticate Venetian Villa is better and the tastes of Made in Italy where loved by everyone.
It will remain in their memories this beautiful day of celebration in which Elena and Alastair joined in marriage.

We will remain in the heart of two of them.
…and we know we are much much better orginizing weddings than writing about them!
This is what Elena wrote us the day after:

I cannot praise Antonella highly enough.  My now husband and I were planning our Italian wedding from London.  Initially we had the help of my mother, but when she became ill we realised we needed the help of a planner.  My mum had found her contact details on line and I was instantly interested in speaking to her because she can speak English as well as her native Italian.  When I spoke to her, I realised that not only was she incredibly competent, she understood my vision of how we wanted our wedding to look and feel. She was a huge help throughout the whole process, from chasing suppliers, arranging paperwork, planning weekend itinerary’s.  She also allowed direct payments (so we could make the most form the sterling to pound exchange rate) always backing it up with a paperwork invoice trail.
Antonella was on-hand even on the weekend’s when we visited Italy for planning and would make sure caterers, photographers etc were all ready to meet us.  We emailed daily and when things got stressful, I knew I could relax a little as I had her help in Italy.
On our wedding weekend she was at the Villa the whole day before setting up and on the wedding day itself she ensured everything ran smoothly.
My husband and I had the BEST wedding and we owe a lot of that to Antonella’s help and organisational skills.  She is a wonderful woman and was a great help.  We can’t recommend her highly enough!