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Accomodation & transports

Welcoming guests from faraway
Are you worried because your relatives or friends are joining you from afar? No problem! We’ll take care of everything: we can welcome them, provide logistical information, accommodation, and guided tours.

we will help you find the perfect accomodation for your guests.
We will help you create a page on the wedding web site to organize the accomodation for your guests with a lot of different options (Spa Hotel, hotels of all categories, appartaments etc.)

We will take care of your guests and look after them to get to the venue for the wedding and go back to the hotel.
We work with bus companies, taxis and shuttles for any needs.
We offer different solutions for the car of the bride & groom too, among luxury-cars, vintage cars, italian famous cars.
We can make the right suggestions based on your needs, to make sure you arrive in style.