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Telling Venice is one of the hardest things. Venice you can’t tell, you can only live, enjoy, breath.
Venice is truly unique in the world, its historical and cultural wonders are famous all over the globe and despite this it never ceases to amaze. That you visit for the first time, that you return after so long or that you know it well. It’s always magic.

Getting married in Venice is a dream and that’s why we are here for you! Your Wedding in Villa is able to find the right venue for you and take care of everything.

Wedding in Venice, at the same time has very high costs and often the spouses drop out for economic reasons. It must be said however that Venice is not the only one to offer frescoed villa, elegant and sophisticated residences. That is why we propose the ancient Venetian Villas which are not far from Venice, surrounded by nature and vineyards of the Colli Euganei or surrounded by a beautiful countryside, just 30 minutes from Venice. There are incredible places, beautiful villas that have nothing to envy to a Venetian palace. The advantage of a marriage abroad is that it allows you to have more days available with the loved ones. So why not getting married in a beautiful Palladian villa (which allows you to maintain the budget) and spend the day before or immediately after the wedding in Venice?
An alternative tour, in search of an unknown Venice or a more classic dedicated to its most famous wonders.

A gastronomic tour for bacari (as they say in these parts) to taste typical Venetian or one tour on a boat. The choice of alternatives is really wide and it will be a pleasure to study with you the one that suits you, your family and friends.

Venice is divided into six areas called Sestieri that are historic districts in which the city is divided. Cannaregio, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Marco, San Polo and Santa Croce and each district has its own story to tell.
We will tell them one at a time… stay tuned!