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Visit Veneto

VENETO is a multifaceted Region, where a mix of history, art and different landscapes offer you the possibility to stay in a wonderful place, never equal to day before, where you can enjoy your wedding celebration combining several days of vacation, relax and fun, how in few territories in the world.

We give you 7 reasons to visit Veneto:
1. In Veneto you can find art cities as Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Treviso and Verona;
2. You can get a tan in our seaside with big beaches, where we can organize your wedding on the beach;
3. You can climb on the best mountain in the world like Dolomite;
4. You can sealing in fantastic lakes like the Garda lake;
5. For lovers of big natural parks, please go on Colli Euganei or colli Berici. To organize your wedding in one of the wonderful Venetian Villas designed by Palladio it will be a pleasure for us;
6. Part of the Po valley rich of history and art, with hundreds of villas and castles where you can celebrate your anniversary. In Padua you can have the renewal of vows inside the Basilica of Saint-Antony
7. Last but not least in Veneto you can eat delicious food of top quality.

What are you waiting for? Read our more articles about Veneto and give a look to the different venues we offer for your wedding. Contact us for a personalized planning.